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1967 - 1970 Mustangs





The products contained in our catalog are intended for the serious restorer of the 1967 through 1970 Mustangs, equipped with 390 and 428 cubic inch engines. All of the parts listed in our catalog are either Ford N.O.S., Excellent original used/rebuilt or reproductions only of the highest quality.

You will notice that our catalog is not as complete as the catalogs from other vendors. The reason for this is we will not carry just any part to fill a need. NO inferior, poorly designed, poor quality off-shore piece of junk will ever be offered from Mansfield Restoration Parts.

If you do not find a particular part you are looking for listed or need help deciphering which part is correct, please call us. We are here to help. The items listed in our catalog are those that we have some quantity of. There are many other different parts in stock that we will be happy to quote you on, plus we are always adding new items.

New reproductions are always being evaluated, as they become available. To qualify, the part must be exact in appearance, functionality, and quality; so that when installed it will add enhancement to the vehicle and improve, not impede, the cars status at a judged show.

**We will remain dedicated to providing true quality CONCOURSE CORRECT parts to our customers.

MANSFIELD Restoration Parts long term goal is to be able to supply any part required to accurately restore the 1967 to 1970 390 & 428 "FE" equipped Mustangs.


Thank you for your interest in Mansfield Mustang.

Bill Upham
President (and janitor)
Mansfield Mustang Restoration & Detailing Parts


**"Concourse Correct" Here's a short term that is now being used indiscriminately by many and now has as many meanings as the term "Restored".

At Mansfield Restoration Parts we define "Concourse Correct" as a part that will PASS in a judged show, where MCA rules are being used, and the car is entered in the Concourse Street driven class or lower.

Asked the other guys if their parts are guaranteed to pass an MCA level judged show...

67/70 390GT/428CJ/SCJ ----- THAT'S ALL WE DO!

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